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"A problem is the chance you have to show your best."  

Duke Ellington

Our company
Trabalhamos apenas com produtos de qualidade e hoje distribuímos um dos melhores sistemas de lubrificação e filtragem que já foi criado. A Timken adquiriu a Interlube para poder oferecer a seus clientes soluções que visam a lucratividade.

We work with products of extreme quality and resistance, so that your company has the guarantee that the product purchased is very well used in its function. 

We know that the interruption of production, due to maintenance, generates significant losses in profitability and high costs for replacement, so we are always following the best in the market so as not to let you down.

Environment and Sustainability

Hi! We are a  INTER BRASIL  and we want the best for your company!


INTER BRASIL   was created with the spirit of sharing the best in technological and quality products. 

We are a company focused on results and technological innovations.

Committed to finding solutions that meet our customers in all parameters of their needs.

Com short term established but with great experience involved. INTER BRASIL has been in Brazil since 2013 e fortalece sua connection with large customers seeking solutions to reduce costs.


We work with a bilateral partnership in Germany to help us with the incessant search for world innovations in a faster and safer way.

Through a competent management focused on experience, the partners are always aligned for high performance and growth-oriented projects.

The Director of International Relations has worked in several industrial and automation segments, implementing automation systems in automotive industries and in off-road equipment , as well as monitoring cranes and cranes.


The Marketing and Sales Director worked with communication for the sales force, events and management of technical products in multinational companies with German and French culture.


Today we work with a huge range of suppliers all over the world. Offering  economical solutions and meeting, on a case-by-case basis, the needs of our customers.


Sustntabilidade com inteligência e redução de custos

INTERBRASIL often seeks to develop suppliers that are above the routine quality. We seek to distribute products that reduce residual impact for our customers. If you have a product that fits this profile, then be our partner and offer a better world for those who still don't know. Contact us!


exclusive distributor

Temos a opção certa para seu equipamento ou máquina. Aumente o tempo de vida útil do seu óleo e de seus equipamentos. Corte custos com manutenção. Aumente sua lucratividade. Tenha rolamentos sempre lubrificados. Conheça nossas soluções.

Efficient and precise lubrication of industrial chain chains

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