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Technology moves the world.

"Steve Jobs"

InterBrasil is technically prepared to offer everything that the paving, earthworks and

mining needs in relation to spare parts.  In addition, we work with various products for industries,

whatever the size of your demand or size.


InterBrasil is committed to providing specialized service so that your company can meet the stipulated deadlines.

When it comes to spare parts, always count on INTERBRASIL. Make an inquiry now!

The best brands gathered in one place!




Asphalt Plants 

  • Rollers, belts and vibrators

  • Support rollers, reducers, burners, bearings, bearings.

  • Chains, gears, buckets, drag mixer, coatings.

  • Sleeves, cages, pulse valves, air compressors and preparers, sequencers

  • Exhaust fans, blowers, shafts, bearings, bearings.

  • Pumps, torches, coils, thermometers, thermostats, photocells, pressure switches, transformers, programmers.

  • Pistons, valves, pressure gauges.

  • Temperature sensors, actuators, inductive sensors, frequency inverters, signal converters, load cells, servo motors.

  • Coatings, arms, vanes, angular gearbox.

Vibro Finishers

  • Shoes, rollers, chains (link), hydraulic reducers, driving gears, guide wheels.

  • Floor plates, snails, fins, shafts, conveyor chains, bearings.

  • Tamper, vibrators, burners, straightening plates, extensions, deflectors.

  • Hydraulic filters and elements, solenoid valves, hydraulic pumps and motors, variable gearboxes, cylinders, repairs.



    Among other spare parts based on machine code and model.

    We supply Ciber - Vogele - Cifali - Caterpilar -Terex and any other brands by code.











  • Nylon and steel bristles.

  • Scraper blades.

  • Gears and chains.

  • Bearings and bearings.

  • Hydraulic motors and pumps.




  • Pressure gauges, thermometers, regulating and rotary valves

  • Scrapers and mats.

  • Elastic elements and pads, propellers, drag plates, couplings, exhaust systems, radiators, water and oil

  • Compactor cylinders, crowns, pinions

  • Tire anti-drying and non-stick additive.​

  • Electric and hydraulic pumps, water valves, sprinkler nozzles, hoses

  • Brakes, clutches, control cables, electrical cables, differential, wheels, bearings, ball joints, rings and retainers, bearings

Compactor rollers 



rolos compactadores, peças originais de fábrica, peças de reparo, reposição de peças, como raspadores, capachos,coxins,cilindros compactaores,rolamentos,mancais, para rolocompactador é com a Interbrasil peças originais. Interbrasil
Usinas de asfalto que precisam de peças de reposição como redutores, queimadores, mancais, rolamentos, caçambas, mangas, gaiolas. A fornece peças para usina de asfalto com qualidade e segurança. Usinas de asfalto precisam de peças
Peças de reposição para Usinas de Asfalto - Interbasilltda Roletes,correias,correntes,bombas,pistões,válvulas, a Interbrasilltda fornece peças originais.
Vassouras Mecânicas - Interbrasilltda. Lâminas Raspadoras - Motores para Vassouras mecânicas .
Vassouras Mecânicas e acessórios em geral. Importamos mediante código. Interbrasilltda
  • Bits, bit holder, bit puller.

  • Rollers, conveyor belts.

  • Rubberized wheels.

  • Drive belts and conveyors.

  • flags.

  • leaks.

Milling machines 


  • Valves, nozzles, registers, pens.

  • Blowtorches, burners.

  • Manometers, thermometers.

  • couplings.

  • High temperature hoses.



Sprinklers _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Vibro acabadoras, peças de reposição, Paineis, sapatas, roletes, correntes, engrenagens,chapas de piso, caracóis, maletas, eixos, rolamentos, a Interbrasilltda fornece original. Peças para Vibro acabadoras Vogele, Komatsu, Ciber, Terex, Cifali, Caterpilar entre outras. Interbrasilltda
A Interbrasilltda fornece peças de reposição para vibroacabadoras, vibrocompactadores, filtros, elementos hidráulicos,valvulas solenoide,cilindros,paineis,reparos,queimadores.Interbrasilltda fornece em são paulo e brasil. Vogele - Ciber
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