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Bombas de água de alta pressão da Dynaset - Interbrasil


High pressure water pumps can be used for a variety of daily cleaning tasks, but also as an alternative for industrial and other applications such as:


Washing and cleaning of streets, pipes and garbage tanks, dust suppression in works, water jet cutting, hydrodemolition and descaling, fire extinguishing, drilling, pumping, unclogging services, washing of facades, high pressure washing, submerged works , water suction, equipment hauling, among other activities.


The best power to size ratio in the world.


Dynaset guarantees high durability and extremely compact size.


Back and forth function closes the inlet valve quickly, which ensures a longer life even when using dirty water.


The water flow and pressure of the HPW pump corresponds to the hydraulic flow and pressure, from zero to maximum.


The HPW pump models   cover 10-200 kW of power, with a pressure of 90 to 1600 bars and a flow of 20-300 l/min.

Bombas de Alta pressão para Incêndios Dynaset - Interbrasil
As HPWs da Dynaset com seu principio de pistão a pistão, garantem uma larga duração e uma relação de potência e tamanho sem igual a qualuqer outro do mercado. Interbrasil

The high pressure of the spray nozzle creates an ultra fine mist. creating a thousand 1000 times more water coverage areas, making it much more efficient and with low water consumption. 


Dynaset's HPWs, with their piston-to-piston principle, guarantee a long life and a power and size ratio unmatched by any other on the market. 


The relationship of the flow and pressure of the pumped fluid with its corresponding hydraulic fluid parameters are linear.

Bombas Hidráulicas de alta pressão Dynaset - Interbrasil




Hydraulic pumps

Extraordinary durability with the best power-to-weight ratio in the world.


Dynaset Hydraulica Pumps use the piston-to-piston self-priming principle. They are compact, super powerful and silent. 

They are used worldwide in different segments and applications. See some examples below:


Machines used: excavators, wheel loaders, tractors, trucks, platform lifts, shredders, lawn mowers, mining machines, cement, cleaning vehicles, fire trucks, rock drills, ROVs, _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_service and lifeboat vehicles, etc.


Applications: pressure washing, cleaning streets, pipes and tanks, dust removal, water jet cutting, demolition, fire fighting, pumping drilling fluid, hydro-hydraulics, washing robots, hull washing, offshore and submarine work , etc.


Features: Linear flow and pressure control from 0 to 100%. No rotating parts, low maintenance: moving parts only. 

Dynaset high pressure water pumps are the most modern and practical in the world. 

Bombas hidráulicas de alta pressão da Dynaset são a opção que sua empresa precisava para reduzir custos e aumentar a produtividade
Com o bico exato, sua bomba rende muito mais e seu trabalho fica muito mais fácil. Bombas Hidráulicas Dynaset.
Nossas bombas hidráulicas Dynaset são praticas e muito resistentes. O custo benefício é enorme e a praticidade que a Dynaset disponibiliza é a melhor. Interbrasil é Dynaset.
Pressão exata para o tipo de trabalho que precisa executar. Interbrasil é Dynaset e a Dynaset agora esta no Brasil.
Possuimos uma ampla diversidade de equipamentos para que sua empresa possa adquirir a que mais se adequa  a sua necessidade. Interbrasil é Dynaset.

The HPW pumps combined with the accessories below such as injection pumps, flow multipliers and jets, give new opportunities for more efficient work. 

The correct nozzle is the key to best results.

HPW pump can be used in parallel to double the flow and capacity.

Unidades de Lavagem de ruas Dynaset - interbrasil



vehicle washing


The following equipment is for washing streets and surfaces that contain a lot of residues or dust, with reduced water consumption and reduced personnel for execution. 


Machines used: tractors, loaders, water trucks, sweeping vehicles, municipal vehicles, etc.


Applications: High pressure washing of floors, tunnels, public areas, fairs, stables, etc.


Characteristics: cleaning with just 1 liter of water per mts².


With the additional suitable accessories, you can clean asphalt road signs, general road cleaning, dust reduction on rural roads to increase visibility.

As bombas Dynaset para veiculos de serviço de manutenção de ruas, são ideais para economizar água. Sua eficiência é precisa e muito prática. Interbrasil é Dynaset.
Bombas de alta pressão Dynaset são práticas e muito econômicas. Fornecidas no BRasil pela Interbrasil, as bombas de água Dynaset, são o que você precisa para sua emrpesa.
Bombas de agua de alta pressão Dynaset são o caminho certo para limpeza de fachadas, ruas, asfalto, azulejos, uso industrial e o que você mais imaginar. Dynaset é distribuido pela Interbrasil e a Interbrasil é a empresa de automação que mais se desenvolve.
As bombas de agua Dynaset são adaptáveis em qualquer veículo que seja, desde caminhonetes, caminhões, tratores, entre outros. Dynaset é distribuido pela Interbrasil.
Bombas de alta pressão para lavagem de ruas Dynaset - Interbrasil
Bombas hidráulicas para agua de alta pressão para caminhões Dynaset - Interbrasil
Bombas de ALta pressão de Água Dynaset

Models for Pickup

Nesta tabela você encontra uma ampla variedade de bombas hidráulicas para água de alta pressão Dynaset - Interbrasil

Models for tractors and loaders

Standard model includes:  Hydraulic pump, HDT timing belt attached, oil tank and oil cooler, 1000 liter water tank, control valves, hydraulic hose reel, 20m pressure hose.

Models without water tank

Standard model:  Hydraulic pump, HDT timing belt attached, oil tank and oil cooler,  control valves, hydraulic hose reel, 20m pressure hose.

Standard model includes:  Hydraulic pump, HDT timing belt attached, oil tank and oil cooler, 1000 liter water tank, control valves, hydraulic hose reel, 20m pressure hose.

Unidades para limpeza de tubulação Dynaset - Interbrasil



High pressure pipe cleaning


Cleaning of pipes driven by high pressure water.


Machines used: Trucks, Pickups, Vans, Tractors, Independent mobile unit, etc.


Applications: cleaning, defrosting, unclogging, drainage, sewer, culverts, etc.


Features: High pressure pump (HPW), self-propelled, with intermittent cleaning nozzle for horizontal lines of more than 100 mts and vertical reach for drainages of more than 5 floors.


- Easy retraction and improved effect with hydraulic hose reel.


- Hot water option to increase efficiency and cleaning power. 

Limpeza de tubulação com água de alta pressão Dynaset - interbrasil
Sistemas de desentupimento móvel de alta pressão Dynaset - Interbrasil
Suporte para mangueiras hidráulica Dynaset - Interbrasil

The configuration of Dynaset pipe cleaning equipment installed in vans and vans leaves enough space for tools. 

Hydraulic hose reel

Sistema de Alta Pressão para Supressão de Pó Dynaset - Interbrasil



High pressure water based dust suppression system with ultra fine mist.


Machines used:  Broad excavators for demolition, wheel loaders, mobile crushers, pulverizers, hammers, drills, etc.


Applications: Dust suppression in quarries, demolition sites, material handling areas, recycling and waste management, etc.


Features:  Directional sprayers with high suppression power focused on dust. Turbine jets or mist sprays for dust suppression. Low water consumption: no dust, no flooding of the worked areas.


Clean air, better work quality, dust intervals between service. Turbo jets or mist suppression sprays ("dust umbrella") powder. Low water consumption: dust, without flooding the area. Better air cleaner, quality of work, longer maintenance intervals for filters, coolers, etc.

High pressure dust suppression system 

Standard supply: HPW pump, hydraulic priority control valve, high pressure dust suppression nozzle, washing gun with 10 meter pressure hose.

Sistema de Extinção de incêndios Dynaset - Interbrasil




High pressure, ultra fine water mist that extinguishes fire without causing water damage. 


Machines used:  Fire trucks and slim ladders, platform lifts, utility vehicles, ATVs, etc. 


Applications:  Fire extinguishing, foam extinguishing, cleaning, water pressure washes, etc. 


Features: Complete set with HPW high pressure piston pump, foam mixer (0-6%) and gun with multifunction nozzle: foam, mist and point nozzle in one tool. 


The system is powered by a vehicle engine through a hydraulic power take-off (PTO): Auxiliary power is available for generators, power supplies, compressors, etc.

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