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Single-point Automatic Lubrication

Grease Max é o lubrificante Monoponto mais eficiente do mundo, pois não utiliza nenhuma sistema mecânico ou eletrônico. Isso evita qualquer tipo de preocupação.

GREASE MAX® is a chemically operated automatic lubricator.


It is designed with a single thread that should be located on the bearing grease bush seat, or on an extension line.


Each GREASE MAX® is produced to deliver an exact amount of grease for a defined period of time.


There are 4 operating periods: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.


After the service time has elapsed, the unit is replaced with a new unit. As it is self-regulating, it must be used in conjunction with plant maintenance planning.


Therefore, changes to GREASE MAX® can be planned and carried out in established time periods. GREASE MAX® operation is simple and hassle free or problems. Often its capabilities are not appreciated for the first time because of its simplicity. GREASE MAX® can be used anywhere; In most applications, large, small, or even even, underwater.


O mais importante de GREASE MAX® é que ele não possui nenhum componente elétrico ou mecânico .


Its efficiency is initiated by a chemical reaction. So he  has only one moving part, which is the piston.

That's why GREASE MAX® is extremely reliable!

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